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Is education keeping pace with technology?

December 4, 2011

Do you have teenage children in school, and maybe looking ahead at further education and their careers?

Do you employ young creatives and have a view on whether education is keeping pace?

Here in the UK, Livingstone and Hope recently published a review “Next Gen. report”

The UK is already loosing its lead in sectors of the Creative Industries due to lack of skills. The industry is buying in skills from overseas to compensate. The report blames school curriculums and universities lack of foresight.

My son is 15, going on 16, and he is already teaching himself more from YouTube videos than he is learning in school.

Given the cost of a University education and the assessments made in Next Gen. report about many university courses, can the investment be justified?

If you have a view and some advice, please contact me or post a comment.

Maybe you are a recent graduate. Maybe learning computer science and video skills in Europe or USA. Maybe you are in the tech sector – web, film, animation, gaming or software – and find it hard to get young people with the right skills?


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