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BBC World Service To Run Ads

January 5, 2012


BBC World Service To Run Ads On Some Websites And Radio Stations

Would welcome comments from anyone outside UK. Does it is matter that the BBC World Service will soon have advertising? Will it change its value or independence, or how the BBC are perceived?


The BBC Trust has approved plans to run advertising on a number of BBC World Service websites as well as in radio broadcasts for the first time in the corporation’s history.

BBC World Service has been given the green light to run ads on the Arabic, Russian and Spanish websites, which the trust says will put it “on a par with the BBC’s international-facing website”.

The World Service, which has seen its budget slashed by £46m a year resulting in more than 600 job losses, has been asked by the government to generate £3m from commercial activities by 2013/2014….

Plans to launch advertising on faced fierce criticism from some sectors of the media industry, nevertheless ads have been running on the website since late 2007.

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