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London 2009 – “The Reader”

January 28, 2012

interesting look at Everyday Life in London – this shot shows the reader immersed in her book, despite the bustle of her surroundings.

click thru to ‘Through the Lens’ to see an enlarged image and a further click thru will take you to Flickr “The Reader”

I remember a long time ago taking a similar shot with a film camera from inside a cafe on the Isle of Wight. It wasn’t until the film was developed that I realised the second view that I had captured via reflected light from a glass door. Here was an image of an old man, sitting outside the cafe in the sunshine. He was about to tuck into a huge ‘Mr Whippy’ ice-cream, mouth open ready to attack. The expression on his face was shear joy.

This may be why I love this shot.

Trevor Saylor

Here is part one of the (cinematic) recap of the 2009 London trip.  I resisted the urge to re-edit them as I see them today, and left them as I edited them in late 2009, as they appear in the book that came out that year on the trip.  I hope you enjoy, and if you do, please leave a comment of some kind at the bottom–it really does help to get some feedback on this stuff!


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  1. Thanks, and I’m glad you enjoyed the shot!


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