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It’s worth reading the original in full

February 10, 2012

This is a very brave post from someone who has faced her demons and come through. A good read for anyone going through and/or living with someone, who has similar battles with self-worth. But this post says much more. It is also about how little most of us care about the food we eat and how we abuse our bodies. Before you go binge drinking or pig out in front of the TV, think on. We all need to realise we are what we eat, and we must not let ‘convenience’ food ruin our lives. It is all too easier to eat what we like, it takes a lot of hard work and exercise to undo the harm we have caused. Ok, so you can cause harm by not eating, but we all need to be better informed about what, how and when we eat.

Dream Electric

When I left eating disorder treatment I wanted to love myself and my body. Love, not just like. Not just tolerate, put up with, make-do. I wanted to look in the mirror and smile at the person standing there, feel that that was someone worth being. Turn around, do a twirl, and love the me-ness reflecting out.

I was 18 and I’d been in out-patient treatment for a year. I’d been to countless assessments and therapy sessions, cried in front of various stern professionals, and grudgingly, bite by painful bite, I’d put the weight back on. I was crawling back to wellness. But it had been worth it. When my body had enough energy to power it, the world didn’t feel like quite such a fearful place. I began to venture out, to open my mouth, smile and rekindle the friendships my illness had tossed aside.  Something warm began…

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