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Keys to Properly Exposing a Photograph Intro: The 3 Kings

February 17, 2012

A useful summary for anyone trying to master their digital camera – i.e. venture away from Auto to Program and then onto Manual. Note Program allows you to set film speed [ISO] according to how much light you have, where as Auto decides the film speed [ISO] as well.


I’ve gotten a lot of feedback from readers who are remarkably gifted photographers but they still rarely venture away from the automatic settings on the camera. I spent the first part of my “professional” career using automatic and sport modes. Modern cameras are very smart so these modes can help you get acquainted and comfortable while you’re learning how to compose a good picture, but, smart as your camera may be, chances are it isn’t very creative.

I found that when I went to events, or took pictures of my friends, I got great pictures. They looked clean most of the time, if they didn’t I just deleted them. Unfortunately, when I got passionate, I learned that it was hard to take a really creative picture. I controlled the composition, but the rest was really out of my hands. Sometimes I wanted a dark picture that felt really deep and…

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