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“No Cell Phone Needed” – Upper Saranac Lake, New York [Mike Pillows]

February 17, 2012

Although I’m a keen photographer, I’d opt for the canoe. Nothing like the tranquil life, being close to nature and on the water. This shot reminds me of another story –

I used to work in the yachting industry, designing deck hardware for Spinlock. This frequently took us to Annapolis, for the Boat Show. A great place to visit in the Autumn. One year, I was lucky enough to be offered a trip out into Chesapeake Bay. John Stewart had a his home there. It overlooked the creek, with his yacht moored to a pier, on the water’s edge. Not a bad spot to hangout. After our sail, I still had time to kill (or so I thought) so John suggested I take the canoe up the creek and explore. It was great. It’s always good to make the most of every minute of these overseas trips!

John’s wife had volunteered to run me to the airport. I doubled checked my check-in time 18:00, so we set off to BWI. We arrived in good time and I checked-in at the desk. 18:00 was my flight time! I left my bags, took my boarding pass and ran. Ran like the devil.

For anyone not familiar with American airport design, they keep it simple. Not like Heathrow. The gates run straight like fingers from the terminal building to the plane. So that’s what I did. Ran straight as an arrow until I collapsed in my seat. I had made it. Thoughts that had run through my mind included, I was on a business trip, had no money, on an APEX flight (no amends allowed), I didn’t much care about my baggage, I just needed to be on the plane. I vaguely recall people shouting at me as I ran, but I paid no attention. I was determined not to miss my flight!

When we landed at Heathrow I was a little surprised by the announcement “Would Mr Mitchell make himself know to the cabin crew”. They explained that someone would greet when I stepped off the plane. Our departure had been somewhat delayed,because the officials at BWI had insisted to the captain that I should be taken off the plane. I was lucky to be back in England.

And sure enough, as I stepped out of the plane door, an official with a clipboard and a very serious demeanour reprimanded me. This was before 9/11 and the tight security we have to endure now, but it was made very clear to me that my behaviour was unacceptable. I had caused the flight to be delayed, failed to respond to requests to stop, and lucky that I hadn’t been shot. I thought this last remark a little excessive, but the USA is different from the UK.

It this point was just glad to be back home in England.



“No Cell Phone Needed” – Upper Saranac Lake, New York – Mike Pillows – Featured Photographer

I am sure about 49% of our viewers would love to be the guy in this canoe, while the other 51% would like to be Mike behind the lens for this photo.  No matter which one you choose I am sure this photo brings a calming effect to your day. Enjoy!

Catch up with Mike at his blog  and view his fine portfolio at for more amazing photography. 

Take it away Mike:

“No Cell Phone Needed” was shot from my canoe on ‘Upper Saranac Lake’ in the Adirondacks of NY state. I had found a photo group doing a workshop on the lakes up there and have never been. Drove up and picked up my boat, paddled onto the lake and then it happened… not the photo pictured but kind…

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  1. Andrew… thanks for the reblog. Love the story, and you are right in the US nowadays any of us could be shot. I still think there is some pent up aggression toward Brits still…. you know the whole Revolutionary War thing….hahahaha 🙂



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