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Mainly Metin – a photoblog experiment

February 19, 2012

Waiting in the rain

This is my first Photoblog, something of an experiment to test the water. Three images are by Metin Demiralay in Istanbul, two by Kelly Framel, and for 'Bliss' I am not sure who to credit, although there is a copyright at bottom left that I can't read. You can either click on thumbnails above to see in Gallery view, or scroll down and view. If you click on each image in turn, you can see full size. Sorry if this is obvious to those who know.
If you like it, let me know. If you really like them, tell your friends!
Depending on your response, I will upload some travel pics, local landscapes and favourites from world press sources.

A fling in the alley

Velvet Morning


Click on images to see larger sizes – especially for “Waiting in the Rain” For more by Metin Demiralay, visit “Scarabuss”@ DeviantArt by clicking on this blue link Metin Demiralay


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  1. Gorgeous pictures


thanks for sharing a thought

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