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G’day Ma’am

February 26, 2012


By way of a Big Thank You to all of you who liked my Young & Beautiful post. Thanks also for the great comments. 70 views in one day.

So a quick question to the ladies out there:-
Have you ever answered the door to the mail man in your bra and pants?
And to the guys:-
How would you react if your lady answered the door in her best lingerie?

This post originated from Australia – OK, so it’s hot out there – and I think maybe she is still in her teens!

For those who are interested in stats and social media, this post had 58,000 plus notes on it when it arrived in my Tumblr stream (Likes and re-blogs). So I posted it on Google+ to test the water. Now despite having 170+ followers there, it only got a few +1’s over a few days. This says a lot about how ‘quiet’ it really is on Google+. Don’t believe all the hype about 100 Million registered users, and huge growth etc. My son describes it as a ‘social graveyard’ – lots of bodies, but no-one is alive.

I will post more great shots from Tumblr next weekend, or you can check them out at
I also contribute to an another ‘more artistic’ black and white HD photoblog [NSFW] at

So enjoy, have a nice day – and no worries.


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