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Why I love Gant

March 2, 2012

Newport Mansion

Maybe it’s because GANT is as old as me. They started out in 1949, the year I was born. Maybe it’s the quality of their 100% cotton shirts and chinos. Maybe it’s the connection with sailing yachts, a passion of mine. Then again, GANT is the spirit of New England. Old money and wealth. I love Mystic, Rhode Island, Chesapeake Bay and the Hamptons. I can dream!

I love my GANT watch

They sell a lifestyle. Their clothes are not cheap, but they are affordable (just) and they wear well, so they last. The styles are classic, so they don’t date with fashion. At first I just had the odd shirt, now I have several. I love my GANT jeans and wear their chinos. Last year I had this watch for my birthday, and recently I weakened and bought a zip-thru jacket on sale. I love the tartan lining. Yes, I’m hooked.

Essential accessories for any yacht owner

The GANT brand is consistent, and that is increasingly rare in modern times.

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