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Silent Wilderness

May 1, 2012

No doubt a young ‘twenty-something’ was empowered by the BBC to breathe new life into the brand that is Silent Witness. Confident that the well established format would be elastic, they set forth on a bold plan to challenge their audience and stretch our imaginations.

Having caught Points of View on Sunday afternoon, I was aware that some audiences were complaining about the unnecessary gratuitous violence that we witnessed at the start of this series. We had to adjust to the team playing an active role in detecting the perpetrators, as well as investigating the results of their crimes.

But this week the storyline went off in the wilderness. Leo went on vacation, only to be found in the Twilight Zone. A young girl in a flimsy dress, nightmares and blood dripping through the ceiling. I switched off before the zombies were let out of the crypt, deleted Series Record and retired early to listen to iTunes.

BBC News Complaints

This is what The Guardian’s John Crace thought:-

“There’s still a few episodes to run of the current series of Silent Witness (BBC1) but I think it might be time to say goodbye to this programme too. The series started well with a couple of cracking stories, but it’s turning into a car crash. I thought I had seen it all with last week’s nonsense about the paedophile and the prison, but that was pure social realism compared with this week’s gothic melodrama, which even the BBC must have realised was irretrievably awful as it withdrew previews of the concluding part. Surely any director can tell a script is a no-no when the first scene of the opening instalment features a young woman running through a wood at night? I know Leo is having a mid-life after splitting up with his girlfriend, but it’s time for him to have a shave and for everyone else to get a grip.”


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