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iMagine: you have just bought an i……………..?

June 6, 2012
Image representing iPad as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

If you are a sucker for new technology like me, you can imagine the scenario. For awhile you have been longing to own that new device. Seduced by the ads, the reviews and a friend you know at work, you have convinced yourself that you can’t live without it. And then it arrives in the post.

You unwrap it eagerly, and yet you know it will need charging. You are keen to use it, but it needs “setting up” first. You spend hours personalising it. And then it will need a case or a carry bag, a place to store it at home, in your car or at the office. The learning curve begins and for the next few weeks, if not months, it will take over your life. Yes, there will be some good times ahead. You will be amazed, but there will also be times of frustration. For you and your friends and family.

So I have set myself a challenge. Before I upgrade my Nokia 6300 to an iPhone, or possibly an Android Smartphone, I am trying to imagine how my life might change. Before I make my HP laptop redundant my investing in an iPad, how would I use it, store it, carry it, charge it, etc. Weigh up the benefits and the downside. Some of my ‘reluctance’ is the touch screen technology. But there is also the choice of screen size? Should I go for a desk-based 27″ iMac and trade portability for ergonomics. Some might invest in all 3 – adding more stuff to their lives.

More stuff always adds more baggage. I love simplicity. Less is more. But I am being seduced, and eventually I will give way. But for now I am just imagining……..

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