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iMagine update: Chrome v. Safari leads to …..

July 3, 2012
Image representing Apple as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

At my son’s suggestion I have been using Safari on Windows 7 rather than Chrome. One benefit is that Safari shows you what’s going on as you open a new tab or link to another site. It gives you a dynamic bar filling with pink from left to right, so you can see how long the page refresh will take. Useful when WordPress takes an age to refresh, while I attach Gallery pics.

The Google v. Safari issue also relates to bigger decisions. Do I upgrade my HP Laptop Pavillion DV6700 to a faster, more modern machine? A Sony Vaio or 17″ MacBook Pro with i7 Quad core. A slim ultrabook? It is hard to justify a MacBook Retina, but tempting. This HP machine is currently toasting my thighs. The battery has seen better days. Am I just lusting after the Pro, so I can have that logo glowing and backlit keys? Will life just get more complex with a Mac at home, Windows XP at work and Windows 7 on my home office PC?

And then there is the choice of smartphones. “All you can eat” data deals from GiffGaff for £10 a month are tempting me to invest in an HTC One S or iPhone 4. Why not save money and buy a much cheaper Huawei G300 for £100?

Life with the internet offers too many choices. I’m on holiday. It is time to chill and relax. Tell that to my thumbs.

  1. Didn’t win MacBook Pro despite being up at 01:35 am. Have been persuaded that iMac/iPad combo is better value, although It doesn’t have the “lust” factor of alloy box. 17″ Pro is hardly portable but very desirable IMHO.


  2. Apple all the way. Moved from PC 4 years ago primarily because Windoze was so unstable, but also because Mac offered a more creative environment and would be better for photography. Now with Mac, iPad and iPhone they all work so well together.

    Still have to use Windoze at work and it is getting better, but it’s still a long way off the look and feel of the Apple products.



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