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iMagine becomes iReality

August 21, 2012


I finally took the plunge and succumbed to the product placements, the ads and the peer pressure. I have owned Macs before, way back. I was nervous of the ‘touch screen’ interface of the iPad, not sure I could read an iPhone with my eyesight, or would be embarrassed as I fumbled around the new interface.

But I invested in a family of Apple devices.

First to arrive was the iPad2 and I used that on holiday in Guernsey. I was surprised how easily I adapted to the touch screen. I had “imagined” I would buy a MacBookPro, because I thought I needed a large screen. But the iPad is much more portable and quick to use.

I have only recently ‘unpacked’ the iMac, because I needed to get it’s ‘new home’ installed first. And the iPhone purchase was mainly driven by the great deals offered by Vodafone. I was already paying £10.50 a month for a SIM only deal, without any internet access. I now have more data access than I need for the same monthly charge. I managed to pick up a mint ‘nearly new’ iPhone 4S for £350 via eBay.

I’m typing this on the wireless keyboard* of my 21in iMac, with my iPad 2 and iPhone4S sitting alongside me, on my new black glass desk. Yes, the new hardware needed a home. So my bedroom has a new corner dedicated to the iMac.

*and yes, the wireless keyboard also connects to my iPad, so if I want to type a blog or longer document in my kitchen or out in my garage office, I can build a ‘laptop’ that is light and easy to carry. (I’ve yet to work out whether the Intelligent Mouse works the same way, but no doubt it does.)

The 21in screen is more than big enough, and I’m getting to use to using the multiple desktops that are available. The gesture interface has the same logic. You can flick across left and right to various screens, like on the iPad and and iPhone. Double tap with one finger on the mouse and the screen zooms in (making text very large and easy to read for my tired old eyes!). For those that know all about Macs this may seem obvious, but I’m sure there are still many septics out there wondering why Apple products are so expensive. The truth is they are exceptionally well designed tools, both the hardware and the user interfaces. I am only just realising the benefits of updating to the new Mountain Lion OS. (WordPress has yet to catch up).

And predictably, as I imagined the ‘new stuff’ has taken a while to adjust to. Not difficult, but it all takes time. A precious commodity that we all don’t have enough of, despite these ‘labour saving’ devices, and lots of interesting technology.

One big benefit of the family is the ability to ‘sync’ data and Apps. Thanks to iCloud you can maintain one Calendar across all devices. It’s early days, but being able to access, Mail, Notes or Reminders regardless of which device is to hand is magic.

This photo is not my actual set up. It came to me via my Tumblr stream, and seemed appropriate. I will update soon on what my life is like with Apple.

And finally, let me finish with an apology. It has been several weeks since my last blog!! 2 holidays and a wedding are only part of my excuse, but this post explains the other reasons. Real life has been busy.


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