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Western style

August 28, 2012

go girl

When this image first appeared in my Tumblr stream, it got me curious. I went looking and found “sundress-n-boots”.

For some while now I have been wanting to go to Montana, mainly (I thought) to see the Big Country and take photos of amazing landscapes. But these photos have got me thinking. Of a world before the internet. Before mobile phones. Almost before television. On Saturdays, if I was lucky, I would go to my Gran’s. She had a television, and I could watch the “Lone Ranger” and then it was Clint Eastwood in ‘Rawhide’. Is this why I have a latent desire to go see Cowboys (and Cowgirls) do their thing?

Are these people for real, or do they just get dressed up at weekends? If you live “out West” or have visited, please let me know what it is really like in Montana, Idaho or Wyoming.

I have a lot more like these. Will add more later this week.

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