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There are 10.8 Million people in the UK who do not use the internet.

November 10, 2012
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Can you image what your life would be like without access to the internet at all? I don’t have access at work via my workstation, but at least I do have mobile access via my smartphone.

Imagine that you could never buy online, use email, find out stuff on Wikipedia or access your bank account online. OK, so you can use a landline and still receive paper statements. But how often (per day) do you use Google to find out about something?

So maybe life before Facebook, Twitter and Instant Messaging was richer in many ways because people actually talked to each other face to face. And we spent less time glued to our screens and mobile devices. Maybe ‘we got out more’ and went shopping!

Martha Lane Fox’s Foreword to the report by Booz & Co titled “The case for universal digitisation” headlines the economic benefits of digital access to the internet for small and medium sized businesses. But it also flags up the social benefits to UK as a whole.

The report doesn’t have a very catchy title, and despite it being launched this week, I found it quite hard to find a link where I could download a pdf, so I have added a link below.

Would the UK be a better place if everyone could access the internet and we had much faster broadband across the whole of the UK? Should the Government spend more to make it happen?

The internet has already had a huge impact to anyone under the age of 25. To their education, because they enjoy instant access to knowledge. The ability to learn how to do nearly anything by watching a You Tube video. Clearly there are downsides. The easy access to all aspects of life, I don’t need to spell them out. Cyber-bullying and thoughless comments embedded in social media. But this is life in the modern world. We can all learn to improve our behaviours.

If you would like to read the report in full, there is a useful link below, plus related news links.

Or you could phone them and ask if they would post you a paper-copy?

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