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The Ultimate Mechanism

November 21, 2012
English: Map of Gaza Strip, Stand December 200...

English: Map of Gaza Strip, Stand December 2008 (SVG version of File:Gaza Strip map.png by Lencer) Français : Carte de la bande de Gaza (décembre 2008) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What motivated the Israeli Government to authorise the assassination of Ahmed al-Jabari in Gaza City a week ago? This is a country with one of the world’s most sophisticated military capabilities at it’s disposal. It would appear that this action was just the ‘first strike’ in a carefully orchestrated campaign. What better way to get the ‘bull fight’ underway, knowing full well that the eye’s of the world would be watching?

And then continue to ‘provoke the bull’ with nightly airstrikes and bombardments from the sea. Carefully targetting any ‘legimate asset’, safe in the knowledge that you have the upper hand, with ground force troops on standby.

Was this action needed to spark a new peace agreement in the Middle East? Or was it a government flexing it’s might ahead of an election? Will it become the precursor for a new and better way of life for the Palestinians, who endure the Gaza strip, or will we soon witness a ‘legimate’ ground offensive, so that Israel can protect it’s citizens?

What is clear to me is that Israel can never earn the right to live in peace with it’s neighbours by continuing to use it’s military might alone. The rest of the world is watching and has a role to play. The balance of wealth and power in this region is not equal.

While the rocket attacks from Gaza are not helping, one can see why they continue. It is a constant reminder that life in Gaza is neither fair or sustainable.

Common sense is not a commodity that can be marketed as easily as arms, but let us hope that the world has enough to spare. We wish those who are talking in Egypt every success in winning hearts and minds.

Lawrence of Arabia, one of my favourite films, returns to our screens this Autumn.

I only wish they could re-write the ending. Our global world needs inspirational leaders, who travel across national borders.

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