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Leveson: what next?

December 1, 2012

 Alistair Campbell in The Guardian today is worth a read. He is clearly of the opinion that David Cameron is wrong to ignore Leveson. 

“It really is quite hard to respect a prime minister who sets up an inquiry, allows a judge to state in the first paragraph of his report that he has the personal authority of the PM in the work he has done, and then sees that authority taken away before the ink had dried. It leaves people wondering why we had the inquiry in the first place.”

It may be difficult to create the right body to control the recent excesses of the press, but this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try. The world is watching closely, as our media in the UK has influence across the globe.

The British public will demand a return to better standards. 

David Cameron needs to show that his does have principles, and find the moral courage to persue the right course of action.


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