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Flipboard: do you use this App?

December 10, 2012


OK, so it’s early days. I only downloaded this App at the weekend. But it appears to be very useful. It aggregates feeds from a number of sources including my tumblr, Twitter and Google+ blogs, together with photos from 500px. This is useful because I don’t always have time to ‘check-in’ to all of these on a daily basis. Flipboard not only makes it is easier and mixes it all up for me, it also presents the content in a more user-friendly format (if Bloggers are still using this phrase!). On my phone it comes in byte-sized chunks, so I can read headlines and scan small amounts of info, as the App downloads more content in the background. Great if the stream rate is limited.

On my iPad the presentation of tumblr, Twitter and Google+ content is much enhanced. You can see typically three items on screen for every ‘Flip’ and hence run through your stream more quickly to find the more interesting content. Twitter and Google+ are far more interesting via Flipboard.

But there are similar advantages to news from The Guardian and The Economist, plus other ‘magazines’ like The Wire, Creative Review, Wallpaper etc. Here again the content is delivered in small amounts, especially via the phone, so an article might appear across several pages, and you flip through each, rather than scroll down. The screen refreshes quickly, but you also know where you are –  “5 of 13” for example.

I’m sure I will discover more advantages, as I get to navigate my way around the wealth of content.

And the downside. Well no doubt the App is tracking my every move, and learning my likes. This may have benefits for suggesting relevant topics, and alternative feeds, but we all know there is business revenue motive lying behind the venture. But for now, I’m enjoying the experience.

Update: This week Google+ has re-vamped it’s offer and the content now looks a lot like Flipboard. Much better Google, but you always seem to follow rather than lead?

2nd Update: I’m now using ‘Pocket’ as well, so that I can save and ‘Read later’ those articles and feeds that I like. This means I can sort stuff during my day, and have items available to read at lunchtime and in the evening. If you don’t ‘save as you go’ Flipboard refreshes and it is harder to find and recall items later. Pocket makes it easy to save via iPhone and then read later on iPad or iMac. Thinking that I might start a new blog “An Old Gits Guide to Technology”……….

  1. I used to use it quite a bit on the iPad. I personally don’t like the iPhone version as it’s slow and lags at times. I find Zite (both iPad & iPhone) to be a lot better. Nicer UI, faster.


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