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Gun Control: today America – tomorrow the World

January 21, 2013

I know that I have posted several blogs about Gun Control of late, but that is because there are excellent articles in The Guardian,  The Economist and The New York Times, which I endorse. I look forward to your comments.

This extract from an article in The Guardian highlights how the domestic ‘love for guns’ in the USA helps to feed the supply of weapons worldwide. To read the article in full, follow the link below.

“Mr Obama’s initiative is important not just to Americans. It affects the rest of the world too. It is often forgotten that America is not just the world’s biggest consumer of weapons. It is also the world’s biggest exporter of guns. Last year the Obama administration authorised US diplomats to take part in negotiations about a proposed UN arms trade treaty. Such a treaty would need to pass the US Senate before it could come into force. This week’s fighting in Mali and the bloody siege in Algeria are another set of warnings of the dangers of an unregulated weapons trade. But they are also a reminder that the new political mood on guns in America has implications for us all.”

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  1. And surprise, surprise, nothing has changed, one year on………….


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