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Welcome to my blog: my online world.

There is no particular theme, just topics that interest me or catch my eye.  If you like what you see, I hope you will let me know what interests you, and perhaps start to follow me.  I imported my more ‘wordy’ content from my Tumblr, mainly because these blogs are easier to read in this theme.  As a result, my About pages now have more depth, and Photography has sub-sections on Landscapes, Seascapes, Beauty etc. You can also click on the Image category to see a list of posts which feature photography.

Also checkout my Tumblr and 500px profiles, which include some world-class photography (not mine I hasten to add!) My links are now in the left hand footer, i.e. a long way down at the bottom of the home page!

My theme is Titan. The new layout is cleaner and it is easier and faster to navigate. Let me know if you like it, thanks to Jessica Accardi who showed me how effective the theme is. One feature in particular that I like is the tags cloud on the left of every post. These will help you click-thru to other blogs with the same tags. There is also tag cloud in the right hand footer.

Several blogs are based on content originally published on The Guardian website, and my comments as blackrocket2000 there. While some have a UK focus, others are international or world issues.

Since publishing my first WordPress blog at the end of January, and I have attracted some interesting followers. My best viewed post is my GANT logo, which I guess it because it is linked to a brand. I love the international appeal of WordPress. Visitors arrive here from all over the world.

I’m still keen to find good blogs to follow, get to know people, and find out why you publish here.  So feel free to comment, suggest tips and perhaps let me know your time zone . In return I will start to follow your blog.

Thanks for stopping by, and reading my blog. I wish I had more time to follow and reads others (just started a new job).

If you haven’t yet taken the plunge and started your own blog, it is easier to set up and publish than you might think. People are supportive and in time you can improve the look and feel of your site. If you would like some advice, just ask (although I’m fairly new at this myself).

Andrew Mitchell

05 May 2012

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