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About me

My name is Andrew, and I’m old enough to remember the ’60s.

I have recently migrated to WordPress, having experimented with Google+ since September last year. It is has got busy there now, and I am not sure it is for me.  There is a lot of hype about the 100 Million G+ users, but by no means are they all active. So I started a tumblr blog, which is more fun and indulges my creative side.  It’s all about colour, image, and beauty.  It is also easy to reblog my Tumblr’s to WordPress and 500px links to Tumblr.  So my content now joins up.

The Guardian is my preferred source of news, only buying the paper at weekends, or if I’m out of the office for a day. On occasion I post comments as blackrocket2000 on Guardian articles, when comments are allowed.

When The Times first launched its subscription website, I was an early adopter, but soon moved away from Murdoch’s empire, before the recent disclosures of malpractice. The Telegraph is no longer the impulse buy it was (mainly for the Sudoku) after they entrapped Vince Cable with some pretty young reporters. No doubt I would have fallen, if lured by a similar approach.

I experiment with Google Reader, when I have the time. Just started to subscribe to The Economist.

So that’s it for now……I’ll add more about me, as time goes by.

In Botanic Gardens, Cambridge - July 2011

  1. Hi,
    I’ve just nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award as I have been inspired by your blog.

    You can of course choose whether or not to accept this award, if you do please pass on to others who inspire you.


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