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Little Britain

July 3, 2016

I recently joined The Labour Party in the UK, solely to register my support for Jeremy Corbyn, as its Leader. While I don’t agree with all his views and policies, I do admire his desire to bring a new kind of fair politics to Westminster, especially the way he conducts Prime Ministers Questions.

An approach that represents the views of the people, especially those on low incomes struggling to make their way in times of austerity.

In the last week 60,000 people also joined the Labour Party. I suspect that many, like me, stated their reason on the application form – to support Corbyn.

We don’t know yet whether we will have an General Election anytime soon, and it looks increasingly unnecessary, so I am not supporting Corbyn, because I see him as our next Prime Minister.

We are still part of the EU at this time, because we haven’t evoked Article 50. There are legal debates as to whether this is a decision that could be taken solely by a new Prime Minister, or whether it should be supported by a vote in the House of Commons and/or the Lords. There are majorities in both Houses for Remain.

So despite all the talk, the process is likely be slow and protracted, and just maybe we won’t drift away from Europe as far as some might like. The public would like an end to ‘free movement’ and to bring immigration under control, which is understandable. Some politicians, like Andrea Leadsom, claim that we can do this and still have access to free trade across Europe. We are getting so used to them telling us what we want to hear, that some people even believe them! This is naive.

As the Tories led us into this mess, they can lead us out of it. I hope Theresa May, supported by George Osbourne, can find a way to bring our economy back on course. Meanwhile without a Captain at the helm, we wait and drift slowly, away from Europe, towards Little Britain.

07 July update:

It looks as though Theresa will win. Well out in front with today’s vote. Let’s hope those in the Conservative Party at large choose the most experienced woman for the job. At least it won’t be Michael Gove!

Membership of the Labour Party has now reached 500,000. Not all have joined to support Jeremy Corbyn, it seems that Angela Eagle is determined to test the water. Interesting times.

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